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Shutting my eyes tightly I tried to keep the tears from spilling over. In front of me laid Millie, her body battered and broken.

On her face was a pained look and it did not seem as if she died peacefully.

In that moment between Jumping over to her place for a quick visit and seeing her lay on the floor like this, my heart broke.

My mind already knew she would never stand up and smile her pretty smile again. My heart however, did not. She would never be able to hug me or give someone her love.

Everything she ever was able to do, was taken from her now in mere minutes, perhaps hours if she was very unfortunate.

Time passed by slowly. At first I tried to save her, or at least that was what I told myself. Deep down I already knew she was gone, but I was not willing to admit that yet.

Not the fact that she was gone, and even less that Griffin was right and the Paladins had only murdered her because of me.

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