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You dont need to so it alone

Fight girl

Our lives are like flowers lives. They are all just born somewhere, into some family. You can get picked when ever. Or maybe no one will notice the most beautiful one.

Some might have it all ready. Maybe your parents planned your life when you were only a seed. It might be the easy way out, but it sure is boring

Some might be born into a rich garden. Where you get the best life, but no one will help you to figure it out

Someone has a big family, maybe you love them, maybe not. Maybe you can get away, maybe not.

You might feel like you`re all alone

Someone will come along

And help

If someone destroys you, use your seeds to grow again. You can do it

You are someones joy, you are my pride

You are beautiful

Don´t be afraid to ask for some sun and water. I´ll gladly help darling <3

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