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A fanfic by theunknownfate adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


It hadn’t been one of his bombs, which was the only reason he wasn’t completely hysterical. As it was, he was still babbling apologies over and over.

He didn’t know what he was saying in his panic, but it was second nature that when things got ugly it must be his fault. And this was the ugliest thing he’d seen in a long time.

The blast had been all smoke and shrapnel. Roadhog had taken the worst of it, like usual, but Junkrat hadn’t even been able to tell that until he had been dragged into open air again.

He didn’t know if Roadhog had deliberately shielded him or if it had just been chance. He wasn’t even sure it if had been an actual, intentional bomb or an accidental explosion.

He had been sent sprawling. His mind recovered quickly from the shock of it and started to try to process over the ringing in his ears. He had been startled by explosions before.

That part wasn't new.

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