Fifteen Years, Eight Months
Fifteen Years, Eight Months inspired by a movie stories

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Fifteen Years, Eight Months

- Sally Albright; When Harry Met Sally (1989)

Eggsy is ten years old when he meets Harry Hart for the first time.

He remembers his dad mention a few colleagues coming over to their house for a game of poker that night after dinner.

At first, Eggsy wasn’t particularly okay with the idea of having a bunch of strangers entering their home because Thursday nights at the Unwin house means Boardgames Night,

and Eggsy loves boardgames. Unfortunately, his moping and pouting couldn’t stop his father from chuckling and ruffling his hair fondly.

“This sucks, dad,” Eggsy whines. He crosses his small arms across his chest to prove his point.

“S’alright, Eggsy,” Lee says with a crooked smile. “Next time, I’ll tell ‘em not to schedule on a Thursday.”

, Eggsy thinks to himself sullenly.

However, later that night when Lee’s colleagues from the Kingsman tailor shop starts to arrive, Eggsy can’t help the spark of curiosity upon seeing them.

They were all dressed in bespoke suits, but a man who introduced himself to Eggsy as James was dressed in a checkered beige suit with a forest green pocket square to complete his ensemble.

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