Fiery Zones
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Fiery Zones

He took a deep breath as he stood in front of the Digital Playground building before entering.

“How may I help you, sir?” The receptionist asked upon seeing an unfamiliar face.

“I’m here for the audition? The casting.” He replied.

“Were you registered?”

“Yes. I’m Jim. Jim Parsons.” He introduced. The receptionist checked his name on the list before letting him in.

“10th floor, AVR room. It’s the third room to the left from the elevator.” She informed him.

“Thank you.” He replied and immediately took a ride on the elevator.

His eyes wandered around the floor as the elevator opened next to him. He looked to the left and saw a line of men holding some documents seeming to be auditioning as well.

He uttered at the back of his mind. He stood up at the end of the line and handed his necessary documents as she reached the attendant.

He entered the room, next and sat beside the other aspiring porn actors. He explored around and started to feel a bit insecure upon seeing how buff and masculine the other candidates looked like.

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