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Fiery Nights

Chapter 1 - Summertime.

Brian finished walking through the beautiful rough pine-finished front room of the beach house he’d be living in for the next three months and nodded his head with satisfaction.

The house was perfect for him.

It was modernistic with a clean, open design, vaulted ceilings, huge floor-to-ceiling windows all along one wall, and all the most up to date furnishings and fixtures.

There was a huge deck that faced the gorgeous sandy white lengths of Fire Island’s Seabay Beach.

Inside there was more than enough room for whatever he desired to do, including two guest bedrooms if he chose to have company up for the occasional weekend,

an office for him to work in - although he hoped that work would be a rare occurrence for the next couple of months - and plenty of space for entertaining,

be it in the spacious living room or in the well equipped master bedroom. Yes, Brian was sure he would be comfortable here for the summer.

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