FIC: Surety
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FIC: Surety

“C’mon, Harm, take me home, will you?” Mac asked, and although everyone could hear her, no one saw the look on her face … except for Harm, of course, for whom the look was intended.

Harm knew—he didn’t know how he knew—but he knew that she was asking for more than a car ride back to her apartment. He nodded and held her coat for her.

She peeked around Harm’s frame to wave and say good-bye to everyone at McMurphy’s. They had been celebrating Harriet’s promotion to full lieutenant—finally.

Bud and Harriet had waited to have their party until Mac had shaken off her funk after Mic’s departure.

Bud came over to thank them for coming. “Are you sure you don’t want me to take you home, Ma’am?” he asked. Mac had ridden over with Bud and Harriet.

“Bud, it’s your wife’s party. You should stay,” she said. “Besides, Harm doesn’t mind…do you?” She looked up at him again.

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