Fem!HiccupxJack Compilation
Fem!HiccupxJack Compilation norse customs stories

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Fem!HiccupxJack Compilation

Hiccup took a shakey breath as she sat down behind a random tomb stone. Her heart was beating rapidly, and if any vampire was nearby, she was sure it would be audible.

'Who knows,' she thought to herself as she played with her braided, long auburn hair nervously, 'they might not even show up.

' As soon as that thought ran through her head, she heard a crunch from behind her.

She dropped her braid, and her hands shot up to the green scarf resting on her shoulders, wanting desperately to cover her neck with it, though Toothless had told her not to.

She heard footsteps slowly approach her until she sensed a presence directly behind her. She saw a shadow fall over her.

She jumped violently and sucked in her breath when she felt cold pale hands slid around her face. She let out a whimper as the hands closed around her mouth and jaw.

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