Felicity's Yom Kippur
Felicity's Yom Kippur female jewish character stories

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Felicity's Yom Kippur

"We going to catch this guy tonight Mr. Mayor?" Commissioner Lance asked.

"I hope so Commissioner," Oliver answered. "I'm tired of apologizing to socialites whose earrings were stolen."

"My team is in place. Yours?" Lance raised an eyebrow at Oliver.

"Don't worry about us."

One of the museum docents waived at Oliver from across the room. It was time for him to open the new exhibit.

He would smile for the cameras and thank the Gotham City Museum delegation for the generously lending part of it's Hatsheput collection.

"I'm not worried. I want to see how you manage being in two places at once Mr. Mayor. Do you have the green leather on under that tux?"

Oliver glared at Lance, but Thea interrupted them before he could do anything more inappropriate.

"Time to cut the ribbon."

Oliver gave a short nod of acknowledgement and flattened the front of his jacket. "If you will excuse me." He headed into the crowd, smiling and shaking hands as he crossed the room.

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