Felicity Takes a Holiday
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Felicity Takes a Holiday

J.T. Forbes wasn't certain what made him think attending the hacking convention in mid-town Manhattan was a good idea.

Sure it was New York City, just a few blocks away from home and, yes, he was spending more time these days trying to patch into city surveillance cameras and NYPD alerts.

When your best friend is wanted, first by some evil secret agency turning ordinary men into super-soldiers and later by the NYPD itself, you do whatever you can to stay one step ahead.

But he was a biochemist, for God's sake, not a computer specialist. All this talk of bumper keys and botnets was way over his head.

And the geekiness! J.T. would be the first to admit he was something of a geek himself.

You don't get to be a biochem professor without the ability to appreciate a good carbon atom electron double bond. But this hacking convention was taking geek to a whole new level.

The auditorium was packed with an audience that was at least 95 percent male and seemed to fall into two groups; pale and painfully skinny or, pale and soft and doughy.

And was there anyone who wasn't wearing glasses?

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