Feliciano and the King of Hearts
Feliciano and the King of Hearts denmark (hetalia) stories

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Feliciano and the King of Hearts

Four kingdoms existed in this world. There was Clubs, Diamonds, Spades and the focus of our story, Hearts.

The Hearts Kingdom was as proud as all the other kingdoms, with richness in culture, history and tradition.

They were widely known for their dedications to the arts, shown everywhere to their landscapes and architecture.

They were also known for their sternness, for their honors in maintaining an outlook that was prideful and respectful to the other kingdoms.

Their Kings and Queens were taught to show these very qualities, a couple of power and high stature that would continue to keep the kingdom with the prosperity it had never failed to withhold.

The citizens of the kingdom looked up to them, for it was their union that gave richness and life to their land,

and as such were treated like the gods they worshipped and were given incredible amounts of wealth to sustain the high lifestyle that pleased them and gave them perseverance to keep doing

the best for their kingdom.

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