Feels like Rain
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Feels like Rain

The first time her face flashed through his mind, Gale thought nothing of it.

Unusual things had been happening, and hallucinations and daydreams were the last cause of concern when one had a demonic alter-ego that required cannibalism to survive.

More oddly, however, was his teammates all exhibiting impulses and thoughts that went against all logic. Emotions- that's what Sera called it, wasn't it? He couldn't understand it at the time.

Why Argilla and Heat argued so often despite being in the same team with the same goals.

Why Cielo treated them all so informally, using such terms as 'buddy' and 'brudda', as well as talking to the small black beast sometimes.

Why Serph rejected Gale's proposals for a plan in lieu of one that's more dangerous and with a bigger margin of error, simply because he felt it was unfair to the foot soldiers.

He didn't understand them at all.

With his teammates becoming more incomprehensible by the day, and with the strain of trying to keep their Atma forms under control,

the passing images in his head were not something he could focus on too much.

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