Feeling Pretty Psyched
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A short story by kyuuketsukirui adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Feeling Pretty Psyched

'Strangelove' is playing on the speakers and Ewan sings along under his breath, his headphones off for the moment.

He makes a note to go back to the Ds and look for the new Depeche Mode album on his way out.

Mum'll probably roll her eyes when she hears he spent an entire afternoon at Tower Records, but he's wanted to go ever since the shop opened last year.

Now he's got a job, he's got plenty of money (well, relatively speaking), and he doesn't intend to let this opportunity go to waste.

It's not like he's in London very often, and Uncle Denis is perfectly happy to let Ewan do whatever he wants while he's here. He understands the shops back home just aren't the same.

Ewan finishes up the last of the Qs and starts browsing through the Rs, frowning as he tries to remember what he was going to look for here.

There was definitely something starting with R, but his attention keeps drifting to the boy next to him every time he laughs at something his mate says, which is often.

He has a nice smile and Ewan fantasises idly about chatting him up, about his

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