Feeling Hopeful
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Feeling Hopeful

Feeling Hopeful

‘You know why you’re here?’ The psychologist asked, sitting down on a chair in front of Joe Carroll. ‘Unpaid parking tickets I think’ Joe smirked. ‘Oh no, no wait.

I killed an awful lot of people’. ‘A sense of humour. I'm surprised’ she replied. ‘See, I'm not all that bad’. Joe was picking at the lock on his handcuffs with one of his hands behind him.

‘You’re here because the state of Virginia mandates that all death-row inmates complete a psychological evaluation in the days prior to their execution’.

She glared back at Joe who was just a few feet away from her. ‘I have to be sane, in order for the state to put me to death? How perverse’. Joe smirked again. ‘How are you feeling?’ She asked.

Joe looked up and stared into her eyes, ‘I'm feeling… hopeful’.

Outside, a guard was on duty when he heard the scream come from inside the room.

He quickly ran into the room to find the guard and the psychologist dead on the floor before Joe smashed him hard against the wall, cracking his skull.

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