Feathers Of Silver And Gold
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A story by shadowystar adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Feathers Of Silver And Gold

He is of the andain, child of a goddess, yet he carries a name from a different world.

Kevin knows his origin as all andain do, as all andain remember, has seen a glimpse of his mortal father's face through his immortal mother's eyes.

He runs barefoot through the trees beside her as she hunts, and grows up between one breath of summer and the next, from toddler to adult male andain in a couple of eternities.

He knows whose name he carries, has seen that face, too, not so different from his own. Not a mirror image, and surely no twin either but still, the resemblance is striking even to his own eyes.

He wants to ask his mother where it comes from, whether or not it had been her will that shaped his face thus. But Green Ceinwen laughs, too wild, too honest, and he remains silent.

There's something within, deep down in his soul that knows, even if his conscious mind doesn't.

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