Fear Of Nightfall
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Fear Of Nightfall

The Fear of Nightfall

"Penguin, I would like you to prepare our clothes and baths before we return with our meals, but please leave the back windows open this time if you will.

" Law's commanding voice spoke to him firmly.

The older man was looking for a response from the shyest of the group who sat in one of the nice wooden bar chairs that were seated in front of the black granite counters.

The man in question sat hunched over a glass of rich blood that was like vodka to vampires.

Rich A+ blood types were like a rich red burgundy wine to vampires, they could even get drunk off the smooth liquid from time to time, but being immortal was meant to be a curse,

not a gift so vampires could not get fully drunk at all.

Penguin really thought it was a damn shame, why couldn't he be wiser, stronger, more confident, or even a little reckless?

It was a part of himself he hated, and sadly there was not enough rich wine in the world that could make him forget all of that.

Penguin swirled the wine in his cup absent mindedly as he stared off into the distance, not even acknowledging that a word was said from the head of the Heart Clan.

"Penguin," Law asked again with a bit of concern at the lack of reaction from the hatted man. Penguin sighed deeply and replied tiredly, "Captain, I already know the rules.

The window will be open when you return and the baths will be ready."

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