Favored of the Gods
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Favored of the Gods

If ever a man was favored by the gods, Titus Pullo felt comfortable saying that today, that man was him.

Newly wealthy through a stroke of incredible luck, he'd spent the last two days indulging both himself and his newfound treasure.

They'd both been washed and dressed in completely new clothing before sitting down to an ample feast. And now he was going to get the chance to share his luck with his friend, Vorenus.

“Ho there, hurry it up!” he shouted at one of the litter bearers, grunting softly to himself when they sped up accordingly.

He was thinking of how best to explain his good fortune to Vorenus when he heard a voice call, “Apples! Apples for sale! Only twenty-five denarii and you can eat the fruit of Aphrodite Herself!”

“Great Jupiter!” Titus snorted. “For twenty-five denarii, the Goddess better have picked it herself in the nude at sunrise.

” He could barely believe that anybody would actually pay that much for a piece of fruit, or that the vendor had the nerve to ask it. Who did he think his clients were, anyway?

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