Fates We (Didn't) Make
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Fates We (Didn't) Make

Derek Reese gets into UCSB with a wrestling scholarship and spends several semesters dicking around in everything from geology to history without a clue of what he’s supposed to major in.

He gives Computer Science a wide berth—tinkering with machines is his little brother’s thing. Eventually, he enlists in ROTC and lets the Army decide what he should do with the rest of his life.

He’s good at the physical side of things, likes the discipline, and will graduate with a guaranteed career, which doesn’t hurt.

When the news about the terrorist attack at Cyberdyne breaks, Derek is mostly just relieved to know his family is okay.

His parents are still upset by the discovery that some criminal is running around with fingerprints near-identical to their younger son’s,

but Kyle himself just goes back to taking apart Derek’s old XBox and figuring out what makes it tick.

He’s disappointed that the new OS is a bust, but Cyberdyne refunds their parents’ deposit, and Kyle takes a new coding class at the community college instead.

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