Fate/ Shattered Realities
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fanfic by vito873 adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Fate/ Shattered Realities

Death, destruction, and fire consumed all, it was an inevitable tragedy. None of this was supposed to happen...it wasn't supposed to turn out this way and yet...this was fated.

The girl didn't want any of this, for this was the very thing she had sought to prevent...but it was a sad reality now.

The flames of regret burned all around her, the bloodshed, the countless lost lives etched into their very being.

She was a battered, broken, barely functioning human being but she marched on all the same. So much had been sacrificed to get this far and she couldn't let it all be for naught.

A familiar voice reached out to her as she marched forward past the fallen bodies and rubble. The air was thick with a foul stench and the very sky was dyed a blood red...

an all too familiar occurrence. This wasn't the first time such a disaster had happened here, but the girl was determined to make sure it was the last.

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