Fate is Cruel
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Fate is Cruel

Shoma Takakura, has always known the feeling worry.

His little sister, Himari, is a complete sweetheart but Shoma can't look at her in the eye without flinching inside.

No matter the day, Himari is always smiling, her smile brightening her pale features and making her round purple eyes sparkle.

It's breathtakingly painful to watch, someone so pure, so nice, so kind, and so warm, burdened with a fate she never ever deserved, whither slowly in front of Shoma's eyes.

His soul is already torn, counting down Himari's days.

His twin, Kanba, is a troublemaker and keeps charming way too many women Shoma is actually comfortable with.

Kanba is very good-looking; crimson strands falling over slanted blue eyes, high cheek bones and a pointed jaw, Kanba Takakura does justice to his reputation.

But the twin worries mostly that Kanba's flirty manners will anger the wrong woman, and take it out on him or what Kanba holds dear, Himari.

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