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A written piece by milu_i posted on commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


He knows his communicator is still on.

They can hear every word.

“At least I know who I am,

His breathing stops for a second, his enemy

, his tone is giving it away, but

when he has not even told Bones about it?!

It’s just a second he wastes a thought about it, but Krall has not been a hero up until now for nothing.

He is a trained soldier above all else, so he jumps forward and smashes Jim’s head against the console behind him so hard that he nearly kisses the ground.

More out of instinct than anything else really he kicks forwards and is able to get Krall off of him for several seconds, so he can evade the next punch and take a deep, exhausted breath.

“I read your logbooks. Do they know that you crave another life? Do they know that you’re sick and tired of them,

His words are enough to kick the exhaustion aside and with a roar he rushes towards Krall – he refuses to call him by the name Starfleet still admires– and manages to get the upper hand in

the fight. He is ridiculously close to the weapon, when a single words rips him forcefully out of the tight knot of concentration he managed to bury himself under.

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