Farmer's Grandsons
Farmer's Grandsons nao (dramatical murder) stories

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Farmer's Grandsons

Tae Seragaki is sitting down on the table in front of Aoba and Sei. They seem really concern for their grandmother.

Tae had hurt her leg while working with her grandsons and the other farm workers the day before. The injury isn’t serious, she’ll be back on her feet in a few weeks.

But it cause an alarm for the small family. So now they are having a family meeting.

“Now Aoba and Sei… you both now that I’m aging and soon both of you will own all our family’s wealth and all these lands once I’m gone…and you are young and beautiful men… and that is

the problem” said Tae with a stern look.

Aoba and Sei eyes widen.

“Grandma, we keep telling you that we are not interested in dating, we always keep telling these perverts off…with Koujaku and Ren help of course” said Aoba with determination.

“I know what you said earlier, you see I had known

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