Far Horizons
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Far Horizons

She was

to defeat Alduin in Sovngarde. The World Eater, however, decided against making an appearance.

Hakon One-Eye was becoming rather antsy while Gormlaith Golden-Hilt and Felldir the Old looked as if they were about to murder each other in their frustration.

“Where is that milk drinker?” Gormlaith finally spat. Even after centuries spent in Sovngarde, the heroes of old were eager to finish off their ancient foe.

Alduin was the one who got away from these proud Nords. She would not make that mistake. It was her calling, her destiny as dovahkiin.

She had no other true purpose than to destroy the World Eater unless Tamriel be doomed to destruction. He

fall, she would ensure it.

“Look!” Hakon pointed to the dazzling sky of Sovngarde. A thunderous roar followed, the unmistakable shout of a dovah calling to the blood in her veins.

There, flying with the contrasting hues of the aurora borealis was Alduin. He was difficult to make out but the shine of his black scales was unmistakable.

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