Fangan Ronpa: Undersea Illusion
Fangan Ronpa: Undersea Illusion monokuma stories

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Fangan Ronpa: Undersea Illusion

It was always there in the back of my mind. A silent ticking noise, a pacemaker that kept me thinking straight, the voice of reason, the voice of hope.

The pendulum swinging back and forth, which would one day decide the fate of my life, perhaps even that of the entire world.

It swung in the back of my mind, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick-


My eyes flashed open and I shot up straight. It felt like I had been sleeping in class, I panicked at the thought of the teacher reprimanding me.

It turned out that I was not in class though, or at least not in one in session. I had been leaning on something, a desk probably. It looked like one.

I pushed the chair backwards and away from it to get up.

The room was empty. There was an obnoxiously loud clock hanging on the wall, taunting me. My back was stiff. I tilted my head in a vain attempt to crack my neck.

I pushed the frames of my glasses up on my nose, and I looked out the window. The sky was blue, but my eyes were still lagging behind in waking up. There were a lot of smudges on the lenses too.

I wiped them off with the hem of my shirt.

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