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Fandom University

Fandom University

Name: Foster James

Year: Freshman

Class: 2021

Major: Undecided

First Minor: Undcided

Second Minor: Undecided

Third Minor: Undecided

Dear Mister James,

We are so excited to have you joining us for the 2016 school year.

Just for legal reasons I want to remind you that we do not discriminate against anyone due to their: Sexual orientation, Age, race, Planet of Origin, Military service, Plain of existence,

Molecular structure and/or Horns.

We do hold ourselves in high regards for bing one the most “Laid back” Schools in this galaxy,

however we do ask that you leave the following items at home: Any devices which do not or will not exist in our current timeline, any books written by Anne Rice,

and devices similar to or derived from the Gallifreyan Time And Relative Dimension In Space or T.A.R.D.I.S.

With all of the legal non-sense out of they way I once again want to personally welcome you to Fandom University.

Best Hopes and Wishes,

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