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Famous singer

Monday to Wednesday Barry always sings at his favorite place the jazz bug is what they like to call it. He was an amazing singer everyone love the most but tonight he felt somewhat different.

He felt as if he needed a break so that's exactly what he did.

Barry sat at one of his favorite diner to eat since he hasn't ate until breakfast this morning. He read the menu trying to decide what he wanted to eat.

He scans through the menu with his eyes until he knew what he wanted to have.

He begins to pick what he wanted to eat and drink until he heard a soft voice.

"Hi, I'm iris west I'll be your waitress this evening." He looks up at her feeling himself getting nervous a bit. She was beautiful. "What can I get for you?" She asked, looking at him.

He began to stare at her, but snap out of it to order his food. "Uh, um yeah, let me get some fries with a burger with no tomato also a side of Sprite to drink.

" For one thing you should know about Barry is that he hated tomatoes. His mother always had him eat it in his salad every time he tried to take it out.

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