Family of Fanalis & RenKou's.
Family of Fanalis & RenKou's. domestic fluff stories

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A fiction by okumen adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Family of Fanalis & RenKou's.

Kouha flopped down in the bean bag with an overly dramatic gesture and sigh. His brother grunted as the thirteen year old boy disrupted his work with his exccessive acting.

Koumei, at sixteen, didn't want to be disturbed when he was focusing on his homework.

His sort-of sister tried to pretend not to look over his shoulder to copy him, but he caught Razol when she refilled her water glass with nothing but air for the third time.

"I was drinking from that," he huffed, moving his textbooks so she couldn't see them. He was not pleased with seeing the entire decanter being emptied much faster than he had calculated.

Razol grinned. "I didn't steal your cookies." she said, diverting his attention. "I didn't have any--"

He did have sandwiches, though. All of which had disappeared. With the plate that they had been placed on being gone too, even.

Koumei looked around the room and soon spotted a shuffling braid of black hair sticking out from under the table. He bent down on his side of the table.

"Judal!" he accused, and the nimble boy rolled away and out from under the table. Only the plate was left, licked clean from crumbs, on the carpet. Judal gave him his most innocent look.

"It wasn't me, it was Kougyoku." His accusations wouldn't have worked better even if his face hadn't been covered in evidence.

"Don't lie," Koumei said, and only passed a glance over to Kouha, who was still gesturing dramatically, obviously wanting someone's attention. No one gave it to him, however.

Instead, they were focused on hunting each other about the room (Koumei vs. Judal) or copying each other's homework (Razol vs. Koumei's handwriting) and it frustrated the barely-teen to no end.

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