Family Matters
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A fiction by axee adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Family Matters

Astra Danvers (nee In-ze) was many things; she was a former general in Krypton’s Military Guild, a former inmate of Fort Rozz, a wife once upon a time, a widow,

and now a DEO agent and wife again.

Among these various titles and designations she was also, like most of Earth’s population, fast asleep at three a.m.

So, she was not pleased when the phone rang at exactly three forty-five a.m.

Shaking off the proverbial cobwebs, she frowned at the still-empty side of the bed; Alex was still on assignment hunting down a nest of Hellgermites somewhere in South America,

which meant that her wife was left with an empty bed for the last week or so (although J’onn had mentioned that things were going well and that Alex would be back in a few days).

Scowling at the ringing phone, Astra struggled with it for a few seconds, trying to ensure she didn’t accidently crush it as she answered it, that had actually happened once,

and she didn’t want a repeat. Finally getting her hands to cooperate, she answered the call

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