Family Life
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Family Life

It was a hot midsummer night. The crickets were still singing in the fields as the first traces of dawn's early morning light began to slowly creep over the treetops.

Scabior was awake before dawn, packing a few of his belongings and preparing to leave for a couple days.

Being the leader of the Snatchers often meant that Scabior had to leave home for an extended period of time while he was out tracking muggleborns. Sometimes he was home every evening.

Other times he would be gone for several days.

As Scabior finished packing the supplies he'd need for work he heard the sound of footsteps softly padding across the floor.

He looked towards the doorway and saw his four year old daughter standing outside the door, dressed in her soft pink nightgown and holding her plush unicorn in her hand.

"Daddy?" she softly murmured, rubbing sleep from her eyes with a tiny hand. "Are you leaving?"

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