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"Is it starting now?"

Kerry sighed good naturedly, "Sshh... no, not yet, be patient."

Sandy sighed melodramatically, "And why hasn't it gotten to the good part yet?"

Kerry shook her head and glanced over at her stereo system. "You have about four minutes."

"Four minutes."

Kerry took Sandy's hair in her hands in a ponytail and started to separate it into three clumps distractedly, to give them something to do.

It had been her idea that the two of them did something other than sex. She was realizing that it was one of her worse ideas. "What you do is find something interesting about the music.

If you're watching it live, find an instrument that you find interesting instead, and focus on that."

Sandy sighed with a smile as Kerry's fingers made soothing circles on the top of her head. "What'd you say?"

Kerry smiled, at least she wasn't the only one distracted.


Kerry grabbed a hair band from the nearby table and wrapped it around the bottom of the braid. "Then, I guess you'll just have to convince me to then, won't you?"

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