Fallout of the Past
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Fallout of the Past

Disclaimer: Heroes belongs to Tim Kring and NBC as do the characters who appear here or are mentioned.

They are not mine and are only 'borrowed' for the purposes of the story.

"Fallout of the Past" by Karrenia

Angela Petrelli does not often dwell on events of the past, especially whether a decision had been the right one or the wrong one.

However, recent events have forced her to reexamine a few of her own decisions and how they will affect her own family's secrets just now coming to light.

It's an uncomfortable situation taken all together, however as she has told her eldest son, there is still time for them to turn it around and with a lot of work shift things back in their favor.

Angela Petrelli waited in the dimly lit hospital room in Odessa, Texas at the bedside of her comatose youngest son, Peter.

Angela held his hand, squeezing it and willing with every fiber of her being that he would wake up, or at least with a flicker of his dark eyelashes acknowledge that he was aware of her presence.

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