Falling Slowly
Falling Slowly sam braddock/ed lane/greg parker/mike "spike" scarlatti stories

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Falling Slowly

"You are lucky we live in progressive times," Dominic Scarlatti says,

when 16-year-old Michelangelo 'Spike' Scarlatti opens the result of his Dynamic Assessment Test and a scarlet 's' glares back. "Submissives can be anything they want to be now.

Doctor, teacher, scientist—"

His father's overly hopeful and satisfied tone makes Spike snap, "Except a police officer, Pa!"

He needn't have bothered. It's an old argument, and his father responds the same every time. "Bah! Enough with that foolish notion! Mr. Young..."

Young," Spike mutters under his breath.

"...should not have put that idea in your head! This"—Dominic grabs the papers and shakes them in the air—"proves you are not fit for that job.

My son is not going to be playing with guns and throwing himself at death. You are better than that, Michelangelo. This is a blessing. And with time, you will come to see it that way, too.

" His father turns and stalks out of the room. His submissive mother smiles tremulously at him before following after his father; Spike had expected nothing else.

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