Falling Into the Right Places
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Falling Into the Right Places

Yosuke heard the phone ringing hoping the owner of it would pick up. All he wanted to do was sleep after a long closing shift the night before at work.

After a couple of minutes, he felt a shift in the bed he shared with his boyfriend, Yu. Curling back into the covers, he could make out the vague phone conversation going on in the other room.

Ignoring most of it, he drifted back to sleep or so he thought. Instead the next thing he heard was loud variations of congratulations from the other person at home.

, Yosuke thought.

Yosuke rolled over to try again to fall back asleep, but it seemed to be a hopeless cause. He decided to just rest and close his eyes.

Eventually the phone conversation ended and Yu reentered the room. Resigned to abandon the sleep idea, Yosuke decided to get up for the day.

However, he went on to press Yu about his mysteriously loud phone call.

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