Falling for a Star(k)
Falling for a Star(k) arya stark/gendry waters stories

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Falling for a Star(k)

It wasn't definitely her first interview, but something abou this guy made her feel as nervous as she felt the first time she was in front of a celebrity.

-"So what can we expect from this next album?" she asked as her gaze darted to his deep blue eyes.

And it was the first time Arya Stark felt unprofessional when it came to a job, but gods she wanted to jump his bones.

They had been talking for a couple of hours but she needed to do a full scan of this guy for the next issue's cover.

His name was Gendry Waters and he was part of the band Brotherhood without Banners.

Their latest album had been a huge success and it was Arya's job to interview the lead singer for the cover article.

Her first reaction was the day they met for the photoshoot and although they hadn't talked much he wouldn't stop giving her the eye taking every chance to touch her whenever he could.

Just a slight rub of his hand on her bare skin would make her notice him. But she wasn't sure if he was doing it on purpose or if it was all her horny imaginaion.

Gods he was so hot, she pictured him naked fucking her against a wall, using those strong hands of his to grab all over her body and his blue eyes piercing through her soul while his fingers,

able as he played guitar would make her scream in pleasure. She had to force her mind back to the present and focus on the interview, but still Arya could sense he was into her.

However she didn't have the balls to make a move yet, plus it would not be professional from her part to go after the guy that was supposed to be her job.

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