Fall For The Police
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Fall For The Police

Will was beautiful. The longer Tommy watched him when he was off-duty, the more he realized that. And he realized that he was falling hella hard.

His feelings for Jenny were terrifyingly feeble in comparison - and that was really scary. Until now, Tommy had considered Jenny to be the love of his life, someone he pined over for years.

Now, all of a sudden - this beautiful, kind man who was currently rolling around on the floor of his apartment with his dogs was occupying his thoughts all the time. Not in an . . .

obsessive way. But when something else wasn't occupying his thoughts, they would stray to wondering what Will was doing and when he'd get to see him again and. . . .

"Everything okay?" Will asked as he looked up while on the floor still, a dog on his chest and demanding to get very extensive body rubs and scratches.

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