Falias, Finias
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Falias, Finias

Falias, Finias Prologue

Suggested Theme:

Main Theme- Floe from La Chiesa

Kazdan coughs into his right hand; he stretches his hand to the little sliver of sunlight streaming in the malformed lid of the old dumpster.

He smiles, shaking with relief that there’s no blood; he won’t have to call 911 and endure his mom’s anxiety about the severity of his injuries.

He pushes himself up from the garbage, coffee rinds stain his left hand like crusty dirt. He props himself on a brown-metal wall that is close to the crack of the dumpster’s lid.

Then, he assesses the damage done to his self.

His scalp feels raw from all the literal hair pulling; he sees some strands of his red-gold hair scattered in the vile-smelling refuse.

His face feels fine, minus a scratch or two on his ears from being dumped into the dumpster, because the bully is smart enough not to leave such obvious marks for all to see.

His neck feels fine like his face, again barring some scratches he got from the tiny shards of glass in the garbage.

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