Faith Restored
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Faith Restored

Faith had gone down for her nap and Claire desperately needed to stretch her legs. She went for a turn in the garden hoping to keep her mind clear of the usual worries and failing miserably.

Guilt - that was always the first to strike.

For Louis; for having been angry with Jamie given what Fergus had finally gotten around to telling her about that fateful day; for getting angry with Jamie for leaving her alone

with Faith during that horrible time of uncertainty - knowing each moment might be their daughter’s last and Jamie still hadn’t seen her. The guilt she could live with most of the time.

One look at Faith wriggling as she continued to grow stronger and the guilt subsided to manageable levels.

Fear was the second. Fear of the unknown. She couldn’t stay at Fontainebleau indefinitely. Louise’s good will would run out eventually.

But Claire couldn’t think of going anywhere else without word from Jamie first.

She supposed she could return to Jared’s house in Paris - he would hardly turn her away with Fergus and Faith in tow - but she didn’t like the thought of what an overpopulated area

like Paris might mean for Faith’s health - so many contagious diseases… She doubted her daughter’s immune system could withstand the assaults Paris would put it through,

even if she remained strictly indoors. No, Faith needed fresh air and a calm, reassuring atmosphere.

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