Fairy Tail Vacation
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Fairy Tail Vacation

Fairy Tail

The guild was a wreck. Gray and Natsu had started a brawl and people were getting swept up in it. The only people who didn't were the bartenders, Lucy, and the Thunder Legion.

They were all at the bar waiting for Laxus and Master to come back from a meeting.

"So, why did Laxus go to the meeting?" Lucy took another sip of her smoothie and looked at Freed. He sighed and seemed to look bored.

"He was chosen to be the next master. It won't happen for a while, but it will. Master is training him and eventually he'll retire. I'm surprised he didn't just throw it all at Laxus though."

"He is pretty upset Laxus knew so little." Mira came up smiling until she noticed all three mages glaring. "Did I say something wrong?"

"You said something about Laxus. They-" the doors slammed opened and caused the whole guild to silence.

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