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A fanfic by mushi0131 posted on commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Fairy Tail GO!

"Yes!" Lucy jumped up in victory when the word "gotcha" came on her screen. "It only took seven balls, but I finally caught you!"

"What'd you catch?" A blue haired teen ran up to her friend, peering over her shoulder as the stats to the Pokémon she just caught appeared on her phone. "No way! You caught a Pikachu?"

"Are you jealous, Levy?" Lucy teased, quickly switching screens so she could look at all of her Pokémon.

"Yeah," her best friend admitted, pulling up her own phone. "It's not popping up for me." The girl pouted, until she remembered her own awesome Pokémon.

"I still have my Ponyta and Cubone though," she sneered, knowing her friend wanted them badly. "You still have a lot more to do to catch up to me!"

The two girls were caught up in their own little friendly competition. They tried to see who could catch the best Pokémon between them. Levy

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