Fairy Boy Forgotten
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A fiction by icycake posted on commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Fairy Boy Forgotten

Wendy Marvell crept towards her furry target, one small tip-toe at a time, trying hard not to make too much noise as she crushed the low-growing plants beneath her feet.

She held her breath and carefully made her way, not wanting to startle the oblivious orange-striped tabby named Mr. Snugglebottoms curled up on a branch in a deciduous tree deep in the forest.

The cat's ears pricked and raised his head. The girl froze. A few seconds passed and the animal had yet to notice her, bringing a small relieved smile to adorn her lips.

After three arduous hours of searching in the thick woods, Wendy, Carla, Natsu, Happy, and Lucy had

tracked down the 'most precious, adorable, pet' that belonged to Adeline, the Mayor of Saffarion's elder daughter.

The five members of Fairy Tail had accepted one of the very few jobs posted on their guild's Request Board since they had some spare time and building back the guild's lost reputation

still needed to be done. Every odd job counted, Wendy tried to assure her teammates, even if the job was ranked a measly D with a tiny reward of two thousand Jewels.

The mission: Mayor Burgandy's daughter's favourite pet tabby, Mr. Snugglebottoms, had run away two days ago and the Mayor required help from nearby guilds to search for him.

Lucy was on board the instant Wendy kindly asked the spirit mage to join her. Natsu, on the other hand, needed to be nagged and coaxed into coming along by Happy and the blonde-haired girl.

Saffarion was a small village about three hours away from Magnolia Town by train,

which wasn't too torturous for the male Dragon Slayer thanks to Wendy providing him temporary relief from his motion sickness.

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