Fairy Blood
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Fairy Blood

Bomba adjusted his glasses as he shut the book of fairytales and stumbled over tree roots. “According to that letter, it should be around here.

” He pulled out his map and ran his fingers over where he had marked it. “Oak tree, it had mention an oak tree.” He grinned as he nearly bumped into an a large oak tree.

“Eureka! I found it!”

“Morning, Bomba.”

Bomba jumped and his hands fumbled but he managed to catch his book before it fell to the floor. He adjusted his glasses and finally spotted the person waving at him from a few trees over.

“Oh, morning, Finn. What are you doing out here, so early?”

Finn marched over, holding up his binoculars. “Just getting in some early bird watching. What about you?”

Bomba grinned excitedly. “I’ve made a breakthrough!” He reached into his jacket.

“One of my old university friends stumbled upon this while researching folklore a few towns down from here!” Bomba held it up promptly. “The letter is written by J.M.

Lore, the author of this book of fairytales!”

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