Fading In To The Stolen Light
Fading In To The Stolen Light suzuhara touji stories

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fanfic by silvermoonlight_gj adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Fading In To The Stolen Light

I don’t want to die!

As I repeat those words in my mind I know help isn’t coming this isn’t unit 02 the one place I always feel warm and safe,

I know I’m dying I can feel every punch even from inside as unit 04’s pink first smash against the metal of unit Alpha the UN’s test prototype, it feels awful every blow is utter agony.

Its so dark inside this entry plug its like hell I have no control over anything there are no controls anymore they vanished in to nothing and my hands are not touching anything but I can see

on a single screen Mari’s unit as it brings out its knife and I see it flying towards the screen. I know what’s coming before it hits and it’s so painful.

I can’t stop screaming as my left eye just becomes an explosion of pain even floating here in the black void I’m screaming it only gets worse as it feels like my right arm is being torn off,

I look down seeing that it’s being twisted in the wrong angle.

I’m so afraid I hate being afraid yet in my mind I’m no longer twenty three years old I’m a frightened little child wanting nothing more than to cling to my mother.

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