Fade Away
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A fanfic by morganank posted on commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Fade Away

I think I first noticed something was up when she started to come in to work dressed like a nun.

Well, when I say dressed like a nun I don’t mean she literally put on a wimple and habit before walking into CID, more that her collars got higher, her sleeves got longer,

and her heels turned into flats.

At first I thought that she was finally listening to me about the practicalities of chasing down a suspect in three inch stilettos, but when you added in the lack of slutty clothing,

I knew something was going on.

As I said, that was the first time I noticed.

Once the change in her dress had caught my attention, I began to notice other things.

The way she didn’t put herself forward when we were having a briefing, the way she tried to fade into the background whenever Chris, Ray, Terry, Bammo or Poirot approached her,

the way that she could hardly look me in the eye. She never sat on the edge of my desk any more, preferring to keep her distance as much as possible.

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