Façades of Relationships
Façades of Relationships griffin o'conner stories

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Façades of Relationships

He found it quite flattering that David was happy to cheat on Millie with him,

but it annoyed him that David was still with Millie in the first place and would always have to leave before nightfall, and that was nightfall in Ann Arbour, which was still daytime in the lair.

David lived by the Ann Arbour clock, whereas Griffin lived by the lair's time zone.

It was always even more annoying that David kept saying that he didn't want to be with Millie anymore, and yet he kept up the façade of a relationship with her,

simply because he didn't want to hurt her feelings.

Griffin kept trying to get the Yank to tell Millie the truth, but every single time he tried, David would chicken out, allowing the lie of a relationship to continue.

Griffin knew that he couldn't take much more of this, but besides telling the bitch the truth himself – which she would definitely not believe,

coming from him and not David – there was nothing he could do about it, and besides that, he didn't want to do anything to make David uncomfortable or unhappy.

And it was upon thinking that that Griffin would find himself wondering why he cared so much about David's feelings; after all, he never cared about anyone else's.

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