Eyes Wide Open All the Time
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Eyes Wide Open All the Time

I Walk The Line (Halsey Cover)

He was born dead and that’s how they should have left him.

The doctor should have known that there was something wrong with Haru when he didn’t start crying like normal babies after being slapped on the bottom.

It wasn’t until the man noticed that Haru wasn’t even breathing that everyone jumped into action to try and save a life that wasn’t even strong enough to make it at the easiest part.

They should have left Haru’s eyes closed so he’d never have to witness the horrors that would sear into his mind and never leave him.

He could have died in that warm room and never had to figure out how to survive winters without electricity or walls or even a coat.

He wouldn’t have had to know clawing starvation or the way that hunger ripped someone’s mind apart and left them willing to do anything for food.

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