Eyes of the Beholder
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Eyes of the Beholder

There was grass under her hands. There was a

of grass under her hands. There was also a very bright light shining above her closed eyelids that could possibly be the sun.

But she wasn’t quite sure of that, seeing as the last place she remembered being was in some friend-of-a-friend’s dark basement.

Actually, she remembered bonking her head into a wall on the way to the bathroom in a sleep-fogged stumble, but that was about it.

This could be a prank.

She slept heavily enough that it would be completely possible to roll her onto a sheet, pick her up, walk her outside to whatever location, put her down, roll her off the sheet,

and she’d just keep on snoring.

It’d happened.

She learned to make sure to stay home and lock all doors before April Fools.

She would get absolutely nowhere if she kept laying here with her eyes closed, however.

She groaned and rolled herself over onto her stomach, finally giving her closed eyes the relief from the burning ball in the sky they wanted. Morning person she was not.

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