Eye of the Tiger
Eye of the Tiger isaac lahey/stiles stilinski stories

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Eye of the Tiger

1. Introductions

Stiles watched curiously as a blonde, curly haired man jarred and battered the bag with one-two, one-two combination punches.

The ebony head of the trainer holding the bag, jerked visibly as the boxer assaulted it like it was next week’s opponent.

Stiles eyes widened at the trainer who spurred the boxer on with a growl and a sneer on his face making him look nearly sinister.

Stiles couldn’t make out the words from his position, but whatever they were the fighter caught a second wind, and if the bag were a real opponent,

there was no doubt in Stiles’ mind that fight would end in a KO round with the blonde the victor.

The word in the ring was Derek Hale was the best trainer/manager in the business right now. The problem was

he was notorious for being extremely picky about whom he took on to train and there were rumors he had some very unorthodox methods of training.

Stiles wasn’t sure how many of the rumors were true, nor did he care. If the methods worked, he was willing to put up with just about anything if it took him where he wanted to go.

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