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A written piece by befham posted on commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

eye of the storm

Tara's hands are still shaking as she clutches the steering wheel.

The image of the dried up whore riding her husband's dick is burned into her memory and no matter how much distance she puts between them, it will never be enough to wipe that memory away.

She thinks of nothing but the morbid satisfaction she had felt at finally having somebody to take her anger out on.

The feeling of her knuckles splitting open as they connected with the whore's soft skin as the possessive anger burned through her veins.

It was an old friend that she had embraced with welcoming arms.

It had been a regular feeling back when she was nineteen and in love with the bad ass biker who looked at no other girl but her,

but that hadn't stopped the jealous girls going after her man anyway.

That burning anger had been a constant in her life in her cat fighting days, something she had thought had been deeply buried the moment she left Charming.

But just one look at Jackson Teller had brought back the possessiveness she had spent ten years burying.

It didn't matter that they hadn't laid eyes on one another in a decade, he was hers and she was his, always and forever.

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