Exquisite Distraction
Exquisite Distraction oguri shun/sakurai sho stories

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short story by inaudible_d adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

Exquisite Distraction

Sho glanced to his left and his right, making sure that he was on the right place and the frame in front of him was the exact painting that he was aiming for.

He reached to the bottom right part of it, trying to pull the last security attached that separated him from it.

He caressed the side carefully, not wanting to commit a mistake and trigger the alarm instead. He found what he was looking for, and then he pulled it.

He waited for a second, then two, then three, ten, fifteen. Thirty seconds. The room was still as silent as it was before.

Sho heaved a breath of relief and started to take the painting down the wall.

That night was another success on his hand.

Then, as he carefully walked out of the place of crime, hands holding the piece carefully to hand it to Nino later, he checked a mental to-do list in his head.

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