Execrable Colours - (third year)
Execrable Colours - (third year) powerful harry stories

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Execrable Colours - (third year)

Chapter 1 –

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Harry was somewhat glad when he felt the Hogwarts Express jerk to a stop at the station.

He got up straight away, collected his trunk and pets and made towards the platform, hoping to find his parents and get out of there before he died of boredom.

He stood with Draco, who was leaning against a wall, discussing what they’d be doing over the holidays and how they’d be celebrating Harry’s birthday, seeing as he’d be a teenager in a month.

He had apologised many times to Draco, stating that it wasn’t his fault that his birthday was missed and that it was a terrible date as it was when exams were on and he needed to study for them.

He sighed, ignoring Draco’s tirade about birthdays and watched as the station slowly thinned out, excited students vanishing with their families.

“I’m sure someone will be picking you up, Harry,” said Draco, rather nervously, looking around the station, hoping to see Lily or James.

“If no one does, then you can just come home with me and spend the holidays at my manor.”

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